Elevate Your Vacation Rental Experience with Maids R Us Hospitality LLC

May 01, 20245 min read

“I love being in the sun and on the water! It really helps me mentally” - Angela Towles, Lake Gaston Homeowner


As the shimmering waters of Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake herald the arrival of another vibrant lake season, vacation rental owners in the Roanoke Rapids area prepare to welcome guests seeking unforgettable lakeside getaways. At Maids R Us Hospitality LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining pristine vacation rentals that leave a lasting impression on guests. From turnovers to routine cleanings, let us partner with you to ensure that your property shines with unparalleled cleanliness and hospitality throughout the bustling lake season.

8 Reasons

"Top 5 Reasons to Choose Our Premium Cleaning Services for Your Vacation Rentals: Elevate Your Guests' Experience and Your Peace of Mind"! 👊

1. Streamlined Turnovers:

Efficient turnovers are the cornerstone of a successful vacation rental business. With Maids R Us Hospitality LLC as your trusted cleaning partner, you can streamline the turnover process and maximize your property's earning potential. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that each turnover is executed with precision and attention to detail, allowing you to welcome new guests with confidence and ease.

2. Customized Cleaning Solutions:

No two vacation rentals are alike, and neither are their cleaning needs. At Maids R Us Hospitality LLC, we offer customizable cleaning solutions tailored to the unique requirements of your property. Whether you manage a cozy lakeside cottage or a luxurious waterfront estate, our experienced professionals will develop a cleaning plan that exceeds your expectations and delights your guests at every turn.

3. Impeccable Attention to Detail:

In the competitive world of vacation rentals, every detail matters. From crisp linens to spotless countertops, our team at Maids R Us Hospitality LLC leaves no stone unturned in our quest for perfection. We understand that the cleanliness of your property directly impacts guest satisfaction and return bookings, which is why we approach each cleaning task with meticulous care and precision.

4. Seamless Guest Experiences:

At Maids R Us Hospitality LLC, we believe that exceptional guest experiences begin with a clean and welcoming environment. By entrusting your vacation rental cleaning needs to us, you can rest assured that your guests will enjoy a seamless and memorable stay from the moment they arrive. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond cleanliness—we strive to create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and hospitality that leaves a lasting impression on every guest who walks through your door.

5. Experience the Maids R Us Difference:

As the demand for vacation rentals in the Roanoke Rapids area reaches new heights during lake season, now is the time to elevate your property to its fullest potential with Maids R Us Hospitality LLC. Experience the Maids R Us difference and discover why vacation rental owners throughout the region trust us to deliver unparalleled cleanliness, professionalism, and hospitality. Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rental cleaning services and take the first step towards maximizing the success of your rental property this lake season..

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"Experience the Power of Speed Cleaning: Elevate Your Vacation Rental Cleaning Routine"

Vacation Rentals Cleaning Guidelines:

Here is a quick checklist:

  • Bathroom:

    • Clean – Toilet, sink, shower, or bathtub inside and out

    • Clean – Vanity inside and out, medicine cabinet and mirror

    • Clean – Floor including edges and corners

    • Clean – spot clean walls

    • Clean – Waste basket inside and out and replace liner

    • Clean – Top of registers

    • Clean – Cobwebs from walls and ceiling


    • Clean – Refrigerator with soap and water only, stove and oven inside and out (line with foil)

    • Clean – Microwave inside and out

    • Clean – Coffeepot inside and out

    • Clean – Toaster inside and out

    • Clean – Sink, faucets, counters, and spot clean cabinets

    • Clean – Cabinets and drawers and make sure dishes, pans & silverware are clean and organized with no broken, rusted, etc. items – if shelves or drawers are dirty/crumbs wipe them down.

    • Clean – Wastebaskets inside and out and replace the liner

    • Clean – cobwebs from the walls and ceilings

    • Clean – spot clean walls and backsplash

    • Clean – Kitchen floor including edges and corners

    • Clean – Closet/Pantry and make sure neat and orderly

    • Clean – Dining room table, tablecloth, chairs, and benches

    Living Room:

    • Clean – Ceiling fans every time

    • Clean – Dust or damp clean all surfaces of furniture, tables, shelves, etc.

    • Clean – Mirrors, pictures, wall hangings

    • Clean – Cobwebs from the walls and ceilings

    • Clean – Wipe top of registers and baseboards

    • Clean – Sliding glass doors and vacuum tracks inside and out

    • Clean – Couches and chairs of debris, sand, etc. (under cushions and hide a way beds)

    • Clean – Floors by sweeping or vacuuming and damp moping (including edges and corners) by moving all furniture out of the way and cleaning under it….EVERY TIME!!!! (ask for help to move furniture)


    • Clean - Change all sheets and pillowcases as needed

    • Clean – out and wipe out all dresser drawers

    • Clean – the ceiling fans

    • Clean – Dust or damp clean bedside tables, dresser tops, outside of A/C units

    • Clean – Wipe tops of registers and baseboards

    • Clean – Cobwebs from walls and ceiling

    • Clean – Spot clean all walls

    • Clean – UNDER THE BEDS!!!!

    • Clean – Floors by sweeping or vacuuming and damp moping including edges and corners and under all beds


    • Clean – all tables, tablecloth, chairs, benches

    • Clean – Remove all sand off floors, cushions, furniture, etc.

    • Clean – Cobwebs from railing, walls, ceiling, steps, etc

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